ENVIRON - The Environ skin care range is a step up programme designed to deliver Vitamin A & C safely into the skin. Vitamin A is the only thing proven to change the skin cells DNA.

A consultation is required before starting on the programme, with therapist led progression.

Environ Essential Treatments are recommended once a month to achieve maximum results.

1. Essential Facial Treatments are: 

  • 60 minutes for 3 areas of the face. £65

  • 90 minutes for all areas of the face.£90

Essential Youth Reset: a maintenance facial. A peptide packed serum is used to power your results.

Essential Moisture Boost: When the skin is lacking in moisture during different times of the year this facial will have a deeply hydrating effect.

Essential Comfort Calm: For when the skin feels a little sensitive, if you've been out in the elements this treatment helps to soothe and calm.


Essential Radiance Reveal: Excellent to smooth a rough textured skin or for areas of pigmentation. 

2. Focus-On Treatments - 30 minutes £40

Designed to have in between your Essential Treatments. Focus on areas that are of specific concern to you.

  • Focus-On Frown

  • Focus-On Eye

  • Focus-On Even Tone

  • Focus-On Texture

3. Cool Peel Treatments - 40-60 minutes £65

Using mild acids that can be layered onto the skin without harming its intergrity, this can really target areas of concern, super charging results.

  • Youth Renew Cool Peel

  • Moisture Boost Cool Peel

  • Deep Cleansing Cool Peel

  • Bright Recovery Cool Peel

  • Blemsih Control Cool Peel

  • Vibrant-C Cool Peel

GENIE - £45 per session or a course of 10 £400

This is a lfting facial which is 1,000 times stronger than micro current, which is found in other lifting facials. It is an intense lifting treatment, giving excellent results. This can be used in conjunction with the Environ Essential Facials.

LASHES - £72 per full set or £35 for maintence.

Achieve lovely full lashes with a full set, this usually takes an hour and a half. Lashes look good for up to 4 weeks dependant on your lifestyle. Maintenance is recommended every 3/4 weeks to keep lashes looking at their best.

Lash Perfect products are used to ensure you are getting the best quality lashes and adhesive. A patch test is recommended 24/48 hours prior to treatment.


Lastest brow trend to tame strong curly hair on the brows enabling you to style your brows into your desired shape.

A patch test is required 24/48 hours prior to treatment.

ELECTROLYSIS - 15 minutes £15

Semi permanent removal of unwanted hair on the face. 


For more details please call: 01926 408770